Bringing the Community Together over a Shared Love of Food

No meal should be simple. But it should be simple to find, and simple to make. The FoodFeed was born out of that very idea. With so many resources pointing you in every direction, shouldn’t there be one great website that pulls together all the things that you need to make your next meal great? We certainly think so. Whether you want to take it, or make it, the FoodFeed brings you your next meal from Neighbor to Table.

Take it

Your next great meal is only a few clicks away. Browse our directory of the tastiest local spots to discover your new favorite restaurant.

Make it

Looking for a new secret recipe? The FoodFeed has you covered. Browse our vast selection of delicious recipes submitted by local chefs, bakers and excellent home cooks.

Share It

Stop guarding all your best recipes! It’s time to let the community know how great of a cook you are! Whether you’re an established local chef or baker, or just love cooking up great food for your family and friends - we want you to contribute!

Coeur d’alene Community

Building a Resource to Feed Families and Friends

From Neighbor to Table. It’s a simple motto that we think covers what the FoodFeed is all about. We want to make finding your next great meal easier and tastier than ever. Our community boasts some of the best restaurants and home cooks anywhere. It’s time to connect our local foodies in one place – the FoodFeed.